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Repair Friday

...heute wieder ab 20h!



aka Make Friday great again!

Gleiche Zeit, gleicher Ort.

..und jede Woche wieder..


aka Make Friday great again!

Friday starting at 7pm - "Repair your Textiles" @ RFA

Spread the word! Come on in!

Ich habe zwei Standard-Nähmaschinen, sowie eine Overlock vor Ort und gebe Anleitung zur Bedienung der Maschinen und Hilfestellung beim Ideen entwickeln. Materialien (Stoffreste, Knöpfe, Garn etc.) sind weitesgehend vorhanden. [bty]

..und nächste Woche wieder..

Nerd Tours U-Bahn Cabrio

Hallo allerseits,

ich wollte uns mal für ein U-Bahn-Cabrio anmelden. Vielleicht kennt Ihr's: Da fährt man in einem offenen Werkstattwagen durch die Tunnel der U-Bahn Berlins. Bestimmt sehr interessant. Bis zum 12. Juni brauche ich dafür einen Termin von Euch:

Bitte bei Interesse dudeln.

Ich melde mich dann hier wieder, wenn der Termin bestätigt ist.

3D-lab relaunch session

Hallo Freunde der multiplen Orthogonalität,

um das 3D-Lab in der RFA mal mit etwas Enthusiasmus anzureichen, schlage ich vor ein Treffen zu veranstalten. Themen:

  • Druckercheck: Inspektion & Service für die vorhandenen Drucker
  • Inventur: Was ist noch da, was fehlt? Aufräumen.
  • 3D-lab-Spendenkasse: quo vadis?
  • Pläne schmieden: Hat jemand Ideen für neue Projekte?
  • allgemeiner Austausch: mit & ohne Alkohol

Der weef macht n'en dudle zur Terminfindung.

Raumfahrtagentur 2016

Neueröffnung der Raumfahrtagentur Berlin!

  • 01. April 2016 - 19h - Gerichtstr. 15 - Wedding

wir laden ein Hackers, Mackers, Tüftlers zur Einweihung und Besichtigung unserer neuen Werkstatt!

es spielen den ganzen Abend auf 3 Etagen:

  • die Kosmonauten der RFA
  • Pappasatta an den Shackern
  • Planet Pizza Express
  • Vögel und Schamen tief in der Tontechnik
  • dazu viel Licht und Pliff vom Kraterrand

Empfang und große Runden am Freitag ab 19 Uhr. Auf euer kommen freut sich die ganze Besatzung!

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Highest level distress signal.

Hackerspace Raumfahrtagentur Berlin. Station Address Gerichtstr. 66 IHTU Callsign 'RFA'.

Facing tear down within one week. Weather condition thunderstorm.

Crew and Pilot request help on all available Channels for Infrastructure, Workforce and Support.

Request for advanced communications toward Authorities and Landlord.

Last position unknown, heading down.

Fuel remains for 10080 minutes. 32 Souls on board.


Talk: DNA Origami

This Sunday, Decembre 8th at 13:00, Noah Most will give a talk on DNA origami at the Raumfahrtagentur:

Learn about DNA's powerful ability to make tiny structures -- even cancer-killing nano-robots that can flow through your blood. You'll learn the basics of this technique, from design to assembly. No biology background required!

Stickmaschine angekommen!

Die neue Stickmaschine von Biene ist gerade rein und wird gemeinschaftlich eingerichtet.

Brother Innov-is v3

Arbeitsschutz-Lehrbild No. 4223

Was ist falsch an dieser Inbetriebnahme?

Das Energiekabel der Werkzeugmaschine

  • führt über das Werkzeug einer anderen Maschine (beide Scheiben des Doppelschleifers), Gefahr der Isolationsverletzung außen
  • ist aufgrund der Längenbeanspruchung zu stark gebogen, Gefahr der Isolationsverletzung und Leiterbruch der Innenleiter
  • ist ohne Not an der falschen Steckdose. Diejenige Steckdosenleiste an der linken Seite der Ständerbohrmaschine hätte alle Probleme gelöst.

Danke für die Beachtung aller Sicherheitsmaßnahmen.

Rostock 3D Printer - Test Assembly

This is our first test assembly of the parts of our Rostock 3D/Delta printer:

Dress pattern projector

One of the most productive areas at the Raumfahrtagentur is the textile workshop. As we strive to get as close to the bits as possible in our production methods, a longtime goal was to get dress patterns directly from the digital file to the fabric.

A projector at the ceiling with a mirror projects the CAD drawing made in QCad onto the table. That makes it easy to retrace the cutting lines with chalk directly on the fabric.

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Acetone vapor finishing for 3D printed ABS – getting there...

3D printed parts always have this rough, structured finish where you can see and feel the printed layers very clearly. Various methods have been tried out to get to a nice polished finish. The most promising so far has been treatment with a SMD hot air desoldering station, but thats a lot of manual work and does not always give really nice results.

So a few days ago at came along an interesting description for using acetone vapor to achieve a nice and smooth surface. Initial trials using a small glass and a minor amount of acetone looked promising, so we ordered some labware and raided the Raumfahrtagentur Biolab for a heatplate with precise temperature control.

Safety warning: acetone and especially acetone vapor is combustive and a fire risk. Only work in a well ventilated place and have a fire extinguisher at hand. Do not heat on an gas stove. Read the safety warnings regarding health risks for acetone. Don´t Panic.

This is our current process description, to be changed and updated as we find out more.

  1. Pour about 2-3mm of acetone into the cylinder
  2. Set it onto the electric heatplate, turn temperature to ca. 110°C

Setup for acetone vapor treatment

  1. Watch as the layer of recondensation of the vapor creeps up on the glass wall. Turn down temperature way before the vapor condensation line raises to the rim of the glass cylinder.

Acetone vapor rising

You can see clearly how high the vapor has risen

  1. Insert your objects. We suspended them on metal wire hanging from the aluminium lid by means of an magnet on the outer side. Not sure if that is the optimum method, but it works for now. It is useful to have a second identical glass cylinder to try out placement of objects and see how high the vapor must rise before the objects are covered.

Objects in acetone vapor

  1. Watch carefully how the objects smooth out, remove when you feel it is enough smoothing. Usually it is just a few minutes. You can see the acetone vapor condensing on the objects that are colder then the vapor as well as on the wires. Maybe one optimization is to pre-heat the objects with a warm air, so less condensation occurs.

Apparently the smoothing continues for a while after removal, until the acetone vapor has vanished. Cover acetone cylinder again and wait a couple of hours for your objects to become hard again.


First series of controlled experiments with test bodies. 5 minutes is sufficient for proper smoothing. Touch-hard after about 30 minutes sitting. Apparently a little bit of shrinking occurs (less then 0.5mm on 20 mm diameter / width). The test bodies were printed with 3 outer layers and 40% infill, the print was rather sloppy and imperfect. Next series with more infill and / or more outer layers.

OpenScad file with the test bodies attached.

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ATMegaxX8-Board by Laszlo

ATMegaxX8-Board im Toner-Umdruck-Verfahren mittels Re*chelt-Katalog-Papier by Laszlo (Details sind in 0,1 mm !)

Tuesday, May 15th, 7pm - Collapsonomics talk by Ella Saitta: "Your Infrastructure Will Kill You"

Dear fellow earthbound spacefarers,

tomorrow, Tuesday the 15th of May, Ella Saitta will give a talk elaborating on some of her investigations into the topic of fragile socioeconomic infrastructures - also known to the initiated as Collapsonomics.

The talk will start at 7pm at the Space Agency. It will last 45 minutes, and there will be time for discussion afterwards.

Talk outline:

The past century our infrastructure has seen both massive expansion and heavy centralization. When it fails, it fails big — this is the reality of our modern interconnectedness. We live in a world of crumbling bridges and bankrupt states, and our infrastructure will kill us. The people we're relying on to keep us safe are trying to accomplish long-term risk management with short-term thinking. So, what now? We can't opt out, but we can become more resilient, and we can start thinking about risk differently.

In this talk, we'll look at threat modeling in the real world, six ways to die, failing states, that big party in the desert, the failure of the humanitarian project, algae and the U.S. military, large-scale natural disasters, the power grid, and many other things. The problems we face are big in every sense of the word — they involve some of the biggest things we've ever built — but the solutions may not be. Can non-governmental networks step up when governments fail to provide basic services? Can we avoid a further expansion of neoliberalism in a post-infrastructural state? Are the power structures embedded in our infrastructure cultural destiny? What happens when maker culture grows up?

Interested? Come join us!

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FunCubeDongle unter GNURadio 3.5.x

...läuft! Fast zeitgleich mit einem maintainance update beim gnuradio (3.5.2) ist der FuncubeDongle-Treiber für gnuradio 3.5.x (git) geupdatet worden. Er nutzt den FCD API code vom Qthid Funcube Dongle Controller und stellt einen gnuradio-source-Block zur Verfügung:

fcd source block 1.3 in gnuradio

DIYBio meeting this Wednesday

Dear carbon-based life forms,

the Space Agency would like to cordially invite you to the first installment of the monthly DIYBio Berlin meetup this Wednesday, March 7th, 19 o'yay local time.

As you may well know, DIYBio is a movement centered around getting biotech out into the open and into the hands of your average hacker, interested layperson, and passionate citizen scientist.

There has been a small biolab at the Space Agency for a while, but it's been a very lonely place for some time now, and it's time to get interested people together and talking to each other. For this purpose, there'll be a monthly meetup every first Wednesday of the month at the fabulous Space Agency.

Whether you're interested in actual bench work, bioinformatics, visualization porn, tinkering on electronics to make DIY lab equipment, or just conceptual work - it's all welcome.

A very rough agenda for this first meeting:

  • Get to know each other
  • Find out what each of us is interested in
  • Take stock of what equipment is available
  • Discuss project ideas
  • Brainstorm on the possibility of starting a Berlin DIYBio lab where more than one person at a time can actually work
  • Cake.

See you on Wednesday.

PS: Coordinates for the Space Agency: Gerichtstrasse 65, near S/U Wedding. Look for the big rocket sign and you'll find us.

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Der Sonntag der Kosmonauten

Der Sonntag der Kosmonauten - Immer Montags im Stattcafe @ Stattbad Wedding - 18:00

Ab nächster Woche gibt es im Stattbad Wedding immer Montags den 'Sonntag der Kosmonauten' - Diverse Funktionen sind mit der Veranstaltung verbungen:

  • Ein Termin für alle Interessierte, Neugierige und Besucher - Montag 18:00 Stattbad Wedding
  • unser Tag in der Woche wo die 'Tür' offen ist.
  • Projekte und Ideen können besprochen werden.
  • Führungen durch die Agentur und unseren Maschinenpark sind direkt möglich.
  • Vortrag, Dia-Abend und DJ haben eine passende Bar und Ambiente für Veranstaltungen.
  • Die Jungs vom Stattcafe einen Grund die Bar Montags zu besetzen.
  • Bis 20:00 gibt es im Stattcafe was zu essen.

Die SchrauberPauschale für das Jahr 2012

happy new year!