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Wostok - Von Genossen genossen


Neuer Blumberlutsch fuer die Kosmonauten, stilecht von der Baikal Getränke GmbH gibts jetzt Wostock im Lager. Atem(geraet)beraubendes Tannen Aroma, ja wie Badewasser, mit Sellerie(!1) und anderen Kniffen.


Die Cocktail vorgaben sind schon mal nicht schlecht, "Kinky Kosmonaut" ist ganz weit vorne und wir werden noch ein bisschen an der Substanz forschen.

heekscad heekscam 0.14.1svn ubuntu packages /chrome/site/flattrbutton.png

after quite some absence, i've revisited heekcad.

not only due to public demand here at raumfahrtagentur, but also due to the still existing problem of 'using different cad tools will do weird things with my files' - i rebuilt heekscad and heekscnc and its libs.

what changed in the last half year?

  • pycam got replaced by opencam.
  • loads of bugs fixed (seemingly, feels more solid)
  • new features with new bugs added :)
  • a ton of stuff i havent mentioned..

the packages seems to work for me so far, please test and report your experiences.

these are packages for ubuntu karmic (9.10) x86

and for ubuntu lucid (10.04) x86

if you don't know heekscad, take a look at the nice new website

updated: added packages for lucid

the agency now got a physical flattrbutton


first it there suddenly was a stencil...

... and then the leftovers made for a nice real-world flattrbutton :)