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Hackerspace Meetup - 29.12. - 3rd day 28C3

The 28C3 "behind enemy lines" is up and running! In parallel we'll have a party at raumfahrtagentur 29th the 3rd day of the congress. We want to invite all visitors from all over the world who are related to some kind of hackerspace project!

Just show up we have some music, a bar, and many stories to tell Public/VisitRaumfahrtagentur - The bar is open starting from 8pm.


  • gregoa
  • Lt. Lotterleber

28C3 and Raumfahrtagentur

Yes, Berlin's hacker-space, the Raumfahrtagentur - not only focused on hardware-hacking, is open during 28C3. We decided not to move every maschine to bcc, so you are invited to join us. Between our laser-cutter, RepRap and audio-studio, a Volxküche (public-kitchen), a bar (including Chunk and MateMartini) and a projector for streaming is waiting for everyone interested.

We try to achieve 24/7 availability - but don't hesistate to contact us first.

For details check the wiki events/28c3PeaceMission?

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